Five Reason to Get Braces in Summer


Get braces for your children now because there is no better time to start orthodontic treatments than the summer, says Dr. Priscilla Larson of Sky Orthodontics. Here are five reasons you should consider starting your kids on braces now.

Get braces in summer to give kids more time to get used to wearing and caring for them.

When your children get braces, it can potentially change their lives. It can impact how they see themselves and as a result, how they interact with friends and classmates. Giving young people a few weeks to get wearing braces might make the change much more comfortable in the new school year.

Summer helps kids learn important things about wearing their new braces, such as:

  • Eating a braces-friendly diet
  • Learning proper brushing and flossing techniques
  • Feeling comfortable with having braces on their teeth
  • Gaining confidence about wearing braces.

New technology improves comfort.

New Oklahoma City orthodontic technologies have minimized most of the physical discomfort of getting braces, but young gums and growing teeth can still feel a bit tender shortly after the initial installation. There’s also a learning curve for wearing braces, such as getting used to eating with them on and learning appropriate cleaning techniques.

Becoming familiar with these aspects at home and under your guidance is a lot easier for kids. While at home, they will be able to experiment with soft foods and slowly move to harder foods. By the time their school is back in session, your child will see their braces as more of a natural extension of themselves and less of a hindrance.

Adjusting to change can take time and the more time you have, the more comfortable your child will be when school starts.

Extra time to consider options and get braces you want.

Summer allows kids extra time to relax, free from school-related stuff and extracurricular activities. When kids get braces during the summer, it gives them a head start to learn to care for their teeth and apparatus.

The special time to it takes to get braces improves family bonding.

Making the decision to get braces is shared one-to-one time with you and that child. That makes it special. When its summertime, you can work together with your kids to plan appointments and oral care. You can even turn your visits to Sky Ortho into memorable field trips by adding lunch and a unique activity following each visit. There is a lot more time to spend with each other when school is on break and turning the visit into an adventure makes checkups and braces more exciting.

Less hassle with appointment schedules to get braces.

Summer is an excellent time for braces because you have more time to adjust to your Shawnee orthodontic office visits which fit comfortably into a summertime schedule. It takes time to visit the orthodontist and care of new braces. Doing it during summer gives both the patient and the doctor an opportunity to discuss and set up an oral care plan.

Get braces before summer growth spurts.

The best time to complete orthodontic treatment is during your child’s maximum growth rate. Most kids will grow for short periods and then go into somewhat of a lag stage until the next spurt. Studies have shown that the greatest of these growth spurts occur during the long days of summer.

While researchers are still studying the cause, the most likely reason is pituitary gland factors that relate to the length of the day and increased heat. Whatever the root cause for this growth spurt, the fact is that it’s ideal to get braces beforehand to ensure that your child’s teeth move into their desired positions while they are growing.

A variety of options if you plan to get braces.

Sky Ortho offers many different types of braces for all ages. For the youngest orthodontic patients, Dr. Larson uses only fixed appliances. Fixed braces are made of stainless steel that is bonded to teeth for the duration of treatment. These braces are great for kids because there’s nothing removable to lose.

Teenagers can also wear fixed braces if they don’t mind wearing visible appliances. For those teenagers or adults who want more discretion, Sky Ortho offers Invisalign in Oklahoma City.

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