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Orthodontist OKC Area – Dr. Larson and Dr. Fitzgerald Welcome You to Sky Ortho

Where do you go to get a great-looking smile in the OKC area? Sky Ortho, of course! Sky Ortho is known as a leader in OKC area orthodontics, from simple smile transformations to complex smile makeovers. Doctor Priscilla Larson, Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald, and their talented […]


When to Get Braces Is More Than a Matter of Age Because Every Patient Has Different Needs

When to get braces is unique to the patient, their medical needs, and their lifestyle. Partner with an orthodontist to […]

Dental Health, Exercise, and How You Can Safeguard Your Smile

Dental health is probably not something you have considered when it comes to your exercise routine. However, it is vitally […]

What’s Behind all that Fatherly Wisdom About Smiling?

All that fatherly wisdom about smiling must be accurate because one thing’s for certain, Father knows best! At least that’s […]