Smile Options — Let Sky Ortho Help You Find the Best Solution

Smiles options are abundant at Sky Ortho but you don’t have to make a decision on your own. Dr. Larson and Dr. Fitzgerald are here to help you determine what the best options are for you or your child based on physical need, financial requirements, and ease of care.

What are the smile options for your orthodontic issues?

At Sky Ortho, we have many different types of brackets to correct alignment problems with the teeth. As seen above, all of the brackets – no matter what they look like – function the same way. They give us a handle with which to “grab onto” the tooth to apply the forces necessary to move them where they ought to be.

Different bracket types include ceramic (clear) brackets, traditional metal brackets, and WildSmiles brackets. For example, these bracket bases come in different shapes such as footballs, stars, flowers, baseballs, diamonds or hearts. In fact, we even have gold brackets available.
For patients that don’t want fixed appliances (brackets that are glued to the teeth), we also have removable options. These include Invisalign, clear aligners, and removable spring aligners.

Invisalign is a beautiful solution. Both of these people are straightening their teeth.

We will address how Invisalign works in the answer to another question, but basically the plastic of the tray gives us a “handle” on the teeth. In so doing, it applies the pressure necessary to move them to the correct position.
Spring aligners look like the traditional acrylic and wire retainers, and can accomplish small, simple tooth movements. These are also best at correcting certain types of relapse.
We occasionally need to use other appliances (besides braces or Invisalign) to carry out growth modification – forces that will change the way the face and jaws are growing rather than just affecting the alignment of the teeth. We will also discuss this in more detail in the answer to another question.