Why an Orthodontist Can Be an Important Help With These Dental Issues

Why an orthodontist?

Whether you are searching for an orthodontist to discuss teeth straightening options or you have recently moved to the area and need to continue treatment, Sky Ortho can fulfill all your needs. We also offer teeth whitening.

Included below is a video from the American Association of Orthodontists that shows how using a Shawnee orthodontist can help end future issues that develop from poor gapping in your teeth, reduce plaque buildup with proper alignment, and boost your self-esteem from having a beautiful smile again. Click here to see some of our patient results.

why an orthodontist

Signs That You Need An Orthodontist

  • Teeth that grind or clench, or jaws that click or pop. You’re having difficulty with speech, or problems chewing and biting. These are all conditions an orthodontist can help resolve.
  • Crowded teeth. When too many teeth come through without enough space on your jaw, some teeth are pushed back, forward or to one side. Crowded teeth look bad. They may be difficult to clean and are more likely to become decayed and damaged.
  • Protruding teeth. This occurs when the top front teeth grow forward and down. They are more likely to get damaged, and may also allow lower teeth to grow in wrong and become damaged.
  • Underbite. An underbite occurs when the lower front teeth stick out further in front that the top teeth. This condition can be unattractive and cause wear on the front teeth.
  • Deep bite. When the top front teeth cover the lower teeth, you get a deep bite. It can cause too much wear on the front teeth and may also damage your gums.
  • Open bite. If some teeth of your teeth do not meet when you close your jaws, you have an open bite. This can make eating difficult. It causes extra wear on the teeth that do meet and may also cause speech difficulties.
  • Crossbite. Like the lid on a box, the top teeth should fit just outside the lower teeth. If the upper jaw is too narrow, the lower jaw may swing to one side, causing a crossbite. This can cause a variety of issues.

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  • Missing teeth. Where teeth are missing, OKC orthodontic treatment can move the remaining teeth into the correct position.
  • Gaps between teeth. Everybody has small gaps between their teeth. Problems occur when there is an excessive amount of space between teeth. Gaps between teeth can bad, may be tricky to clean, and are prone to decay or damage. Speech problems might also occur.
  • Thumb sucking. Regular thumb sucking as a child can move teeth and the supporting bone out of their proper place. Orthodontic treatment can help resolve this issue.