When to Get Braces Is More Than a Matter of Age Because Every Patient Has Different Needs

when to get braces

When to get braces is unique to the patient, their medical needs, and their lifestyle. Partner with an orthodontist to determine the best timing. But summer is a great time to get started if your child is out on break from school because he or she is free to adjust to the change.

And it’s not just about your child. As an adult, if you are taking vacation time, or working from home, and want to get started with braces, take advantage of the time away. It is a great way to adjust to the changes.

When to get braces

Determining When to Get Braces and the Need to See an Orthodontist

Sometimes it is difficult to determine on our own if our child, or our self, needs braces. Often we can ask our regular dentist if we should see an orthodontist. Here are a few simple questions to consider:

  • Do you have concerns about the way your child’s teeth are growing in? Have your own teeth shifted?
  • Do your teeth or your child’s teeth look crooked?
  • Are there gaps between your teeth? Are there gaps in your child’s smile?
  • Do you or your child have a major overbite, underbite, or crossbite?

when to get braces

Is There A Recommended Age for When to Get Braces?

Of course, age doesn’t completely dictate when a child should get braces. However, there are some guidelines that are generally true in most cases.

For example, many orthodontists believe that braces are best for children between the ages of 10 and 14. That is because permanent teeth are usually in by this time. Since braces shift teeth and adjust the bite, you definitely want to do this work on permanent teeth.

Another very important factor is the jawbone. At this age, the jawbone is still developing making it easier for teeth to shift and for braces to correct bite issues.

However, orthodontic evaluations are usually done at the age of 7. This ensures proper planning and early intervention to prevent more serious problems when possible. Therefore, even though your child might not need braces until he or she is 10 to 14, it is best to get an initial evaluation early.

Plus, starting at this age will help you learn more about the challenges your child might face with braces and provide the time frame to consider options.

teens and braces

When to Get Braces May Depend on the Type of Treatment

Orthodontists may recommend any of a number of different types of treatments depending on circumstances. One of our doctors, Dr. Priscilla Larson DMD or Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald, DDS, MS, will meet with you and your child to determine the best treatment to fit your lifestyle and the medical need.

Orthodontic treatment can occur in one or two stages. In addition, there are several types of braces available. Traditional braces might make more sense for younger children while invisible braces may be a great choice for older teens and young adults. You can learn more about types of braces in our special section of this website.

adults and braces

You are Never too Old to Align Your Teeth

Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids and teens. If you’re unhappy with your smile, consider orthodontic treatment for yourself. Have your wisdom teeth given your teeth a crowded look? A crowded mouth and teeth that are turning can create harmful issues like cavities. Your orthodontist can help with options like Invisalign no matter what your age.

when to get braces

Find Out More Through a Consultation Visit

So, as you can see, when to get braces is determined by many factors. Working with your orthodontist is the best way to determine optimal timing for your child and yourself. Sky Ortho offers a variety of products and services at two locations in the Oklahoma City area. Plus we are open on Saturdays to accommodate busy schedules.  Call or visit us online today to learn more about how we can help you.