Halloween Tips for Braces — Don’t Be Haunted by Sticky Treats

Halloween Tips for Braces
Halloween tips for braces help you enjoy the treats.

These Halloween tips for braces will help you steer clear from sticky messes and broken brackets. If you are new to braces this Halloween, you can still enjoy the treats without the tricks. Just be sure to apply some sense and do a little trading with your siblings or friends.

It’s easy to get a bit spooked by the idea of missing out on your favorite Halloween candies but there is no need to fear. You just need to make a few simple changes. Of course, the most important goal is to avoid damaging your brackets by not eating anything that sticks to your braces.

Halloween Tips for Braces
Put aside the candies that you want to avoid and trade them with a sibling or a friend.

Candies to Avoid or Trade with Friends Tops our List of Halloween Tips for Braces

Sticky and chewy candies can damage your orthodontic appliances. Unfortunately, this can set your treatment back and that is pretty scary. Therefore, some candies you might wish to avoid with your braces are caramels, taffy, and hard candy.  In addition, avoid eating jellybeans, licorice, bubble gum, suckers, sour candy, popcorn, and nuts.

Work with your parents to sort your candies and set aside all the pieces you would like to trade with friends and family. Once you have made your trade pile, see what you and your brothers or sisters can work out as a fair trade. Ask mom and dad to help.

Halloween Tips for Braces
Be sure your chocolate doesn’t have nuts or caramel inside.

These Candies are Good to Eat on our List of Halloween Tips for Braces

Go for the soft candies, especially those that melt in your mouth. For example, peanut butter cups, wafer crisp bars, and chocolate bars. However, be sure your chocolate has no nuts or caramel. Soft fluff, such as that found in certain chocolate bars, is fine. These soft candies are less risky for your braces.

Cookies, cupcakes, and mini pies and pastries are also good choices. Another favorite is chocolate-covered marshmallows and creme-filled chocolate pumpkins. These are popular at Halloween parties.

Halloween Tips for Braces
During pandemic times, planning a party makes it easy to plan for special treats for braces, too!

Parties as an Option for Trick or Treating Provide More Options for Fun

This year, during the covid pandemic, many parents will be opting for small Halloween parties rather than traditional trick or treating. Plan ahead and provide special treats for children who wear braces. Parents and kids alike will appreciate the options.

Another great idea for the home-based Halloween party is to provide travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste so that kids can clean their teeth after eating all that sugar.

Candy and Orthodontic Appliances
There’s plenty to smile about this Halloween season even when you wear orthodontic appliances. Just plan ahead, eat smart, and brush your teeth when you are finished. Happy Halloween!

Final Halloween Tips for Braces — Check Those Brackets and Brush Up

Remember, any type of sweets will accumulate around your braces. This accumulation results in permanent white marks (decalcification), cavities, or gum disease (gingivitis) if you don’t take care of it, say Dr. Priscilla Larson and Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald of Sky Ortho. Always brush thoroughly around your braces especially after eating sweet snacks.

By all means, enjoy the Halloween fun but be smart about it! And, if you bust a bracket, call your orthodontist first thing in the morning to make an appointment. Always repair loose brackets right away to avoid any treatment delay. Happy Halloween from the Sky Ortho team!