Which is Better Orthodontist, Dentist or Both?

better orthodontistMaking the decision about when to see a dentist or an orthodontist can be confusing. There is really no need to decide

which is better orthodontist or dentist. It really just depends on your needs.

When a doctor studies orthodontics, they first become a dentist. Then they study orthodontics, defined as the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws, including the use of braces.

Here are some important things to keep in mind when deciding which is better orthodontist or dentist for you. If you have what you consider to be normal teeth and a normal bite when you are chewing your food, and you only need the regular cleanings and occasional fillings, chances are you will be fine with a traditional family dentist.

In most cases, your family dentist will be the first to tell you if you or your child needs to see an orthodontist. When they do, there is no need to panic. An orthodontist is a dentist, too, but one that can make a major improvement in your health and smile. Going to an orthodontist is an exciting experience that will leave you looking and feeling better.

So, if you need to see an orthodontist for a while, don’t worry about the rest of your dental issues. They are all under control of a master – your orthodontist in Shawnee.

Special Ops of Dentistry – Better Orthodontist Option has Three Years on the Front Lines of Alignment.

Orthodontists go through the same licensing and have much of the same training in the broad medical specialty as a dentist. The main difference is an orthodontist also goes through special training to learn how to straighten teeth.

Dr. Priscilla Larson of Sky Ortho in Moore and Shawnee not only has her degree in dentistry from the University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, she also has her doctorate in dental medicine following a three-year residency in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics at the University of Pittsburgh.

An orthodontist must have credentials in both dentistry and orthodontics.

Many families find a new dentist when they move simply by asking for a recommendation from their current family dentist. Dr. Larson has been practicing orthodontics exclusively in Texas and Oklahoma since 2010, and is now excited to extend her practice locally to her neighbors in the Oklahoma City area including Chickasha, Norman, Shawnee, and Moore to six days a week.

You can also contact the local or state dental society for Dr. Larson’s credentials. The ADA gives a list of local and state dental societies on its website as well, www.ada.org.

A better orthodontist, like a better dentist, has better online reviews.

  • Whichever professional you are searching for, look for a trained professional and verify what you read in the dental reviews. A better orthodontist will have better reviews.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family, or ask your current dentist if you have one.
  • When you have four recommendations, Google them. You are not only looking for dentists close to you but ones that have an established practices and positive reviews.
  • Read the reviews carefully. Ensure that they are legitimate. Find ones that relay personal stories or give details that are like your needs.

Call or visit the office in person. Ask questions. Chances are, you won’t learn everything in online search.

Take a close look at your own situation. If you or your child have crooked or crowded teeth, a misaligned jaw, or a bad bite, orthodontic treatments you may be a candidate for braces for teens, braces for kids, braces, for adults, Invisalign, headgear, retainers, and similar appliances. Better orthodontist options are always open for discussion at Sky Ortho where modern technologies are improving choices every day.

If you child has traditional dental issues such as cavities while undergoing orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist may discuss options about treatment. Remember, an orthodontist is a dentist and can do the same work as your dentist.

In special circumstances, your orthodontist might recommend a visit to your family dentist if it makes more sense. Such situations can be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Here are some questions you might ask when you call an orthodontist:

There are many important questions you should ask you orthodontist before visiting. We have answered some of these online for you here on the Sky Ortho website. Just follow our links below. You may call our office for added information or stop by to discuss.

We want to make your first visit to the orthodontist as easy as possible. At Sky Ortho, we try to make a visit to Dr. Larson’s office feel as close to home as possible. You are welcome to stop by for a visit and meet the Sky Ortho team!

As a doctor of dentistry, busy mom with school age kids, loving wife, caring neighbor, active member of the community, and investing member of the chamber of commerce, Dr. Larson is happy to share the many different perspectives she has from the different hats she proudly wears at home in Oklahoma.