Progress of the New Shawnee Location

What’s the status?

Below we have put together photos outlining what progress has been made in Shawnee.

We did it! Sky Ortho will open its new Shawnee Office soon

We are in the final countdown for our new office opening in Shawnee. The building is complete with the final touches now being added. This is a modern fun place for all your orthodontic work and we are confident kids and adults will love it equally. Here are some photos to inspire your next visit.
Sky Ortho Q2 Building Update

Week 9

Sky Ortho’s new home in Shawnee is moving closer to completion. A sign provides the build information while walls, windows, and roof are now in place to allow for completion of the interior work. We’ll keep you posted as to when you will be visiting us in our new Shawnee digs.

sky ortho outsited view

Week 8

It is coming together very fast at Sky Ortho’s new Shawnee location. With the brick up and exterior almost complete we will soon be ready to accept patients! 

Week 7

Brick is going up! So excited about the progress being made!

Week 6

Check us out! The walls went up in January 2018 at Sky Ortho’s new Shawnee location in preparation for our planned opening this spring. We are all very excited about our beautiful new office and know it will be comfortable and inviting for all our patients. Please check back soon for another update.

Outside View of Sky Ortho in Week 5

Week 5

It’s harder than it looks to make sure our building will be level and perfect.

Outside View of Sky Ortho in Week 4

Week 4

Still leveling

Outside View of Sky Ortho in Week 3

Week 3

Leveling the ground to make way for the foundation.

Week 2

Our crew is hard at work clearing all the brush to make way for our new and beautiful building.


Week 1

It’s officially ours!!