Love is in the Air but How Do I Talk to My Boo About Getting Braces?

getting braces
Getting braces is a big decision but how do you broach the subject with someone you love?

Are you in love with someone but are concerned that he or she might need to think about getting braces? Here are a few pointers that might help you approach that conversation. Most importantly, determine if the conversation needs to happen in the first place. Second, are you the right person to start this discussion?

Getting Braces
Poor oral health puts your entire body at risk.

Does My Boo Need to see an Orthodontist About Getting Braces?

If you suspect your boyfriend or girlfriend has a chronic issue that may improve from getting braces, of course, you should speak with them about it. Oral health can put more than your smile at risk. Evidence of poor oral health is visible damage to teeth, receding gums, and complaints about discomfort or dysfunction of the teeth. Also, ongoing bad breath is a sign of poor oral health.

Another visible sign is a cosmetic problem with the teeth. If a friend or loved one misses out on opportunities that you think might result from an issue with their teeth, do them a favor and suggest visiting an orthodontist. Many orthodontists today have creative financial solutions for people of all income levels.

Getting Braces
Trust your heart to let you know when you are close enough to discuss health-related issues.

Should I be the One to Mention Getting Braces to My Love Interest?

Determining the best person to broach the subject of getting braces depends on just how close you are. If you have been dating less than two months, it is probably not a good idea. However, if you have had health-related discussions in the past and it happens naturally, maybe. You should try to determine how secure they are about their teeth. Also, are you open to hearing self-improvement tips from them? Maybe the subject should first center on how open you both are to self-improvement and health focus.

Also, consider next if there is someone else that might be having this conversation with them such as a parent or adult child. However, be careful discussing this subject with their family. That would not be a good idea, especially in a new relationship. Let them bring it up to you first. Give it some time. If the problem has gone on for years, there is no need to put your relationship at risk rushing into change

getting braces
Be compassionate and sensitive when discussing dental issues.

Speaking from the Heart Means Letting Love Lead

Once you have been together six months or longer, and you feel a high comfort level with discussing health and things of a physical nature, then the time might be right. You know the one you love best. Follow your heart. Acting out of love is always the best move.

The Mayo Clinic calls oral health a window to our overall health.  That is why when we think about the general health of a person’s teeth, especially when considering living a long life with this individual, we want them to have good strong healthy teeth.

Always let love lead these conversations, knowing you speak from a position of compassion. Start by letting them know that you care about their health and want to live as long a life as you can together. Be gentle and kind, not blaming, and never bring up the subject during an argument. If you use their dental issues as an insult, you will forever harm your purpose and potentially the trust in your relationship.

getting braces
Healthy teeth can add to a healthy, long life together.

Understanding Underlying Health Issues

It is important to understand that people often have underlying issues that affect oral health. More than 10 million Americans currently are affected by serious eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating, according to the National Eating Disorders Association. Without proper nutrition, teeth, gums, and bones suffer.

Other issues that impact proper dental care include fear of going to the dentist and a lack of money or insurance for proper dental care.

If they do have these kinds of issues, listen to their concerns. Help them work through them. Help them understand that they have options. People can overcome eating disorders. Sedation dentistry helps people get past dental fear. Financing can make dental care much more affordable. Offer what help you can to help them get past their issues.

Getting Braces
Never nag when it comes to dental issues. Your relationship comes first.

Be Gentle, but Persistent about Resolution

Don’t be surprised if your loved one is not receptive to your ideas in the beginning. Most people are resistant to change at first. Try not to make demands or set deadlines. Most importantly, avoid conflict because your relationship comes first.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean you should drop the issue. Just be sure not to nag. Instead, use gentle, thoughtful reminders. Let them know that you care and are not going to forget about the problem until it is fixed. Repeat your offers of help and support. Always be positive about the outcome. Never dwell on the problem.

getting braces
Your compassion and understanding of dental issues will help you build a strong relationship in the long run.

Let Us Help Your Boo with Getting Braces in the OKC Area

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