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Visit An Orthodontist In Oklahoma City - Visiting Dr. Larson, a qualified orthodontist from Oklahoma City will help families understand the right time to get braces. Sky Ortho provides orthodontic treatment services and helps everyone from Oklahoma who is looking for an orthodontist in Norman, OK, Shawnee, OK or OKC metro area. We are also one of the very few providers for Invisalign in Oklahoma City […]
Five Reason to Get Braces in Summer -   Get braces for your children now because there is no better time to start orthodontic treatments than the summer, says Dr. Priscilla Larson of Sky Orthodontics. Here are five reasons you should consider starting your kids on braces now. Get braces in summer to give kids more time to get used to wearing and […]
Discover How Exercise Impacts Dental Health - You finally managed to stick to your health plan and you are working out regularly. Good for you. But maybe not so great for your teeth unless you take precautions. Increased cavities can become a real problem for people who work out regularly. While sports drinks and protein shakes can contribute to the issue, the […]
planning orthodontic treatments Improving Economy Means Better Dental Care; But Don’t Delay Planning Orthodontic Treatments - Planning orthodontic treatments as part of your family dental care doesn’t have to wait for economic recovery, even though predictions for job growth are strong in Oklahoma for 2018. In fact, experts predict continued economic growth for Oklahoma through 2024. How Does A Job Change Impact Planning Orthodontic Treatments? Families experiencing a job change this […]
A Winning Smile Could Be the Key to Your Success and Health in 2018 - Reveal Your Winning Smile in 2018 at Sky Ortho There is no time like the present to stop frowning and light up your future with a winning smile from Sky Ortho. Thanks to the latest technology and 0% financing, Sky Ortho is doing everything possible to ensure that no one in Oklahoma City, Shawnee or […]
AR App for Braces - Turn your braces into an interactive experiences when you sign up for the Sky Ortho app! Search for our Sky Ortho icon and find interactive videos, cool ways to care for your braces, fun stuff to eat that won’t hurt your hardware and other special goodies we have waiting for you. This AR (augmented reality) […]
good teeth foods 6 Good Teeth Foods for a Healthier Smile - Cultivating a family kitchen garden is a wonderful way to teach young children healthy eating when it comes to good teeth foods. What are good teeth foods? According to family orthodontist Dr. Priscilla Larson of Sky Ortho in Moore and Shawnee, they are foods that contribute to the growth of strong bones and teeth, and […]
better orthodontist Which is Better Orthodontist, Dentist or Both? - Making the decision about when to see a dentist or an orthodontist can be confusing. There is really no need to decide which is better orthodontist or dentist. It really just depends on your needs. When a doctor studies orthodontics, they first become a dentist. Then they study orthodontics, defined as the treatment of irregularities […]
Straighter Teeth Equals Long Term Benefits - More than just a beautiful smile Did you know that straighter teeth have long-lasting health effects?  Sure it’s great to have that fantastic smile.  One you want to flash whenever you can.  But did you know that having straight teeth can help in other ways?  Here are a few. Healthier Gums When your teeth are […]
When is the best time to start orthodontic treatment? - A very common question we are asked often is, what is not too young or when is the best time to start treatments?  The easiest way to measure is after your child has lost their primary teeth and the permanent teeth are growing in.  This is when many of the indicators present themselves.  It may […]