What are the pros and cons of Invisalign?


  • Invisalign is esthetically appealing and removable (great for big events, weddings, etc).
  • Patients do not have to modify the foods they eat because they eat with the aligners out, lips and cheeks adapt a lot faster to aligners than to traditional braces.
  • Each “adjustment” (new aligner) is a very subtle correction (we generally change aligners every 2 weeks, as opposed to changing wires at every 6-8 weeks) so there is less discomfort/pressure associated with each adjustment.
  • Brushing and flossing can be carried out as usual as aligners from Invisalign OKC can be removed for cleaning.
  • No true emergencies – no broken brackets or pokey wires. If aligners are lost or broken, they can easily be replaced.


  • Treatment outcome is EXTREMELY related to patient cooperation – if the aligners are not worn for 22 hours/day, we will not get the expected/desired outcome.
  • Patients MUST remember to replace aligners after food/drinks/brushing.
  • May affect speech more than braces (because the plastic also sits on the tongue-side of the teeth, where many sounds for speech are produced).
  • Must be removed before eating or drinking anything except water, so patients cannot be sipping/snacking all day.
  • Cannot perform certain tooth movements (for example, retrieving impacted teeth – teeth that are stuck in the gums/bone and are not erupting properly on their own).