Pediatric Orthodontics in Moore and Oklahoma City

Hey Moms and Dads, and Kids too.
Let’s Get One Thing Straight – A Great Smile is a Sign of Good Health at Any Age

Straight teeth and aligned jaws make nice smiles and keep a kid’s teeth healthy. Plus, when jaws and teeth are aligned, it’s easier for kids to chew their food. An orthodontist can help make sure that your child’s teeth and jaws are lined up just like they should be to ensure proper growth.

That is why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children visit an orthodontist by the age of 7. This helps detect problems early and form a baseline for good dental care.

Time to See an Orthodontist?

Don’t worry, Mom and Dad – most kids don’t need braces until their adult teeth come in around the age of 11 or 12. Unfortunately, some kids have problems that can’t wait until they are older.

How do you know when you need to go to an orthodontist in Oklahoma City? Sometimes your dentist might see a problem with your child’s teeth or jaws and recommend a visit to the orthodontist. Sometimes parents might notice an issue with a child’s eating habits or the way they chew or hold their mouths. And sometimes kids just don’t like the way their teeth look and ask Mom or Dad why they look different from the other kids.

Mom and Dad, if you are worried about your child’s smile, here are some things to look for:

  • Your child loses baby teeth early or late.
  • Your child’s teeth are crowded, misplaced or blocked out of the arch.
  • The teeth come together in an abnormal manner or don’t come together at all.
  • Your child’s facial features around the mouth seem to be out of proportion.
  • Your child struggles to chew food.
  • Breathing is consistently done through the mouth instead of the nose.
  • Your child relies on finger, thumb or pacifier sucking to self-soothe.

Making Your First Visit Fun and Educational

At Sky Ortho, we love making a child’s first visit to the orthodontist into a fun learning experience! Our offices are built to make kids and their parents feel welcome and comfortable. Everything in our office is designed with kids in mind, from the way we explain our treatment to our office décor.

Dr. Larson’s first exam will determine if additional treatment is needed. Kids who don’t need early treatment are invited to join our Kids Club where they will receive free monitoring every six months until they are old enough to determine if treatment is needed for their permanent teeth.

Sky Ortho Puts a Smile on Kids’ Faces – and That Makes Parents Smile, too!

For kids whose teeth and jaws are not developing normally, don’t worry – we are here to help! Dr. Larson will let you know what treatment options are available and how to get started. The goal of early treatment is to correct the small issues before they become big ones.

Your orthodontist can treat kids for many problems that could lead to more serious issues as they grow up. See your orthodontist today if you suspect anything is wrong. And if your child is turning 7 years old this year, be sure to set an appointment with Dr. Larson and get them enrolled in the Sky Ortho Kids Club! We’re currently taking patients in OKC, Moore, Norman, and Shawnee. We look forward to meeting you!!